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A&A Virtual Design Studio is a full-stack development agency that creates custom solutions and digital products on the web and mobile for executives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses owners helping to build startups and grow operations ranging from small and mid-size companies to enterprise. Each service that we proudly provide is tailored for you and customized according to your specific needs. We believe in paying particular attention to each and every detail of our work and to make each project successful, our team remains in touch with you at all times. We take great pride in listening to each client and offering them the services that they have envisioned, while also adding our professional creative input.

Take a look at some of our services:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Branding Design
  • Content Development 

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Why A&A?

We’re innovative.

The latest technologies + talented team members = state-of-the-art digital solutions.

We’re efficient.

We hit the ground running to streamline your project.

We’re here for you.

A&A provides support through every step of the process.

Our Industry Focus

Retail & Ecommerce

Entertainment & Media

Real Estate Industry

On Demand Industry

Restaurant & Food Service Industry

Healthcare & Biotech Industry

Logistics & Transportation

Fintech Industry

Travel & Hospitality Industry

Project Development Cycle

Our Process

Submit Project

Start by filling in the Discovery Call Questionnaire to submit your project details and information. The questionnaire will collect information about your company, business processes, requirements, and expectation of the project. Whether you need web development, software development, internet marketing or mobile app development services, just fill in the information in the form to the best of your knowledge. The information you provide will allow our teams at A&A Virtual Design Studio to understand what you do, based on which they can devise the best solutions. Any and all kind of information regarding your business is helpful so try to be as descriptive as you can. Any project details you share with our team are deemed confidential. We do not share your project details and information with any third party. You can find the Discovery Call Questionnaire Here.


We get into action as soon as we receive the Discovery Call Questionnaire! Our Development Team goes through the project details to come up with the best possible solutions that will help boost your business according to your specified requirements. Our Sales Team works side by side to go over the project details and develop a custom quote based on the project's specificities. Both teams work meticulously to make sure you get the best solutions for the best price. It generally takes us 3 to 7 days to go through the Discovery Call Questionnaire, plan your project, and create a custom quote for you accordingly.

Receive Quote

Once your custom quote is ready, we send it to you via email for approval. You can go through the proposal, and if everything looks good and up to the mark, you can accept the offer. On the other hand, if you require any changes in the proposal, you can always send us an email to tell us more about your work and requirements. We will be happy to accommodate the changes and adjust the custom quote accordingly. When you are 100% satisfied with the project details and your custom quote, you can accept the offer. We will send you an invoice or payment link via email to complete the payment.

Schedule Call

Once the offer is accepted, a scheduled call will be booked with you and your team. You can discuss your project with the sales team and your assigned web development, software development, internet marketing, or mobile app development team. A wide range of topics is covered in the scheduled call meeting. We typically discuss functional and non-functional requirements, platform options, design ideas, specifications, etc. You can also share any additional information in the call. You can choose to communicate with our team via call or email.

Gain Access to the All-In-One Portal (COMING SOON)

You will also receive access to our secure and private communication portal, through which we will share files, chat, discuss, plan, and organize activities. To make it convenient for you, we offer everything in one place! If you have placed multiple orders with us, you can manage them all from the same portal. You can also use the portal to pay invoices. Each client has access to their information. All files and data are transferred via 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring the same security level provided by most banks. Plus, data and information are stored on HIPAA and EU Privacy Shield compliant servers to provide maximum security. You can login Here.

We Start On Your Project

We start working on the project once the payment and information have been received. A&A Virtual Design Studio team will stay in touch with you throughout the project to make sure the end product exceeds your expectation. You can contact us anytime you want via the portal or email. A quick response from our team is guaranteed, and we will be there to assist you every step of the way!

Receive Completed Project

You will receive the completed project once we are done. If required and included in the proposal, we will help you deploy web development, software development, internet marketing, and mobile app development projects.

How We Help Businesses Grow

A&A works with our sister company, CloudTask, to provide managed workforce for companies looking to increase their sales, customer retention and revenue, through trained and managed teams of outsourced sales, customer support and customer success experts.

Sales Teams

Grow Your Pipeline

We plug into your sales operation and deliver qualified leads that convert.

Success Teams

Increase Customer Revenue

We help increase the amount of revenue your customers spend with you.

Support Teams

Retain More Clients

We increase your customer satisfaction and reduce your client churn.